Assignment Exploration

| January 27, 2016

So, for our Comprehensive Musicianship class, we have been challenged to learn a new instrument or genre. The following three questions outline our project:

1. Identify the genre, style, instrument, etc., you plan to investigate. (You can still take time to chose the specific piece you will learn.)

I’m very interested in exploring traditional Irish singing. This is also called Lilting and/or Sean-nós. This is more of a vocal concentration on traditional Irish music.

2. Include your rationale, why you’ve chosen this particular genre, etc.

As a classically trained vocalist, I’ve always been interested in singing in other languages. However, the technique for opera is very similar and I’d like to learn something different. I am also of Irish decent and would love to be able to sing these Gaelic pieces.

3. Finally, draft your investigative strategy or plan for learning your musical example.


*What is traditional Irish Singing?

*What are the characteristics of this genre?

*What sort of Clubs/Groups today are involved in this art form?

*Who are some contemporary Sean-nós singers?


*Finding videos of traditional Irish singers.

*Learning lilting by route

-Field Work

*Finding groups/venues in New York City that perform traditional Irish music.